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We’ve teamed up with beans&sparks on a great deal to ignite little readers’ imaginations.

Children benefit hugely from personalised opportunities to learn, explore and imagine and beans&sparks delivers those opportunities right to your door through their collection of delightful personalised books. The beans&sparks collection really stands out with the extent of personalisation available. Not only do the books feature a child’s specific name, but also a personalised avatar. This makes each tale particularly engaging for young ones as they follow along on their own adventure.

The personalised books feature the same avatar throughout the series, helping children to develop an affinity with the main character and encouraging them to learn the same valuable skills and lessons that the character does. Through these personalised books, children will learn important social, emotional and developmental skills. These skills are incredibly useful for helping children to develop self-confidence, an understanding of the world around them, as well as positive relationships with others.

A super offer for Hermes Couriers

Join the beans&sparks book club and get your first personalised book for FREE (only £1.59 P&P). The usual book cost is £14.99.

The beans&sparks book club offers all of these great benefits and more:

  • full personalisation, including the child’s name and avatar
  • books designed by a team of experts and writers to stimulate a child’s development
  • each book focuses on a theme in the EASY framework (Emotions, Adventure, Science and creativitY)
  • charming and engaging illustrations that encourage a love of reading and active participation from a young age
  • easy monthly delivery to your door

Specifically created to engage and stimulate young minds, the collection is structured using the EASY framework – Emotions, Adventure, Science, creativitY – allowing children to develop diverse new skills while immersing themselves in their very own personalised world.

How to get this benefit

To order your first book free, and to get a preview of your child’s avatar, click ‘Get Offer’ below.

You can cancel at any time.

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