Free rooms at 2,000 hotels in Europe

Discover new European destinations and enjoy fabulous meals with your exclusive daydreams Voucher!

Hermes Partner Rewards Plus is delighted to partner with daydreams for an exclusive opportunity to access free rooms across Europe when you pay for your meals.  This represents between 30% to 60% off the normal half-board rate at these hotels.

Daydreams members normally pay £60 for vouchers to take advantage of these offers.

We’ve secured a great deal for Hermes couriers giving you 50% off all vouchers – so £30 instead of £60, and they are valid for one year, just click on ‘Browse hotels’ below once you are logged in.

Remember, as a daydreams hotel voucher holder, you only have to pay for breakfast and dinner, which means that you can save up to 60% on the regular hotel rate.

Got a Hotel Voucher?

Simply click on the ‘Browse Hotels’ button below.  Then scroll down to ‘Show Hotels’ to view all the hotels where you can use your voucher and take advantage of the Daydreams offers.

Once you’ve viewed a hotel you like, click on ‘Check Availability,’ then simply click ‘Next’ on the ‘I am new’ page that follows.  You’ll be prompted to enter your unique Hotel Voucher number to proceed.  Don’t worry, you have a year to make a reservation so you’re not committing to anything by simply checking availability at this stage.

How to get these benefits

You need to be a member of Hermes Partner Rewards Plus to access these offers.  Why not upgrade your membership here to start enjoying these benefits straightaway!