DBS checks for Hermes contractor companies

Thanks for coming to our page for Hermes Contractor companies. 

Hermes, in partnership with the Logistics Guild and market leader GB Group, have already set up a simple and rapid self-service portal to enable individual Hermes couriers to complete their DBS check applications, with independent verification taking place through Post Offices with whom GB Group’s systems are integrated.

If you’d like any or all of your contractors to follow that independent self-service route for DBS checks, you can direct them to:


We are also providing a process for contractor companies who wish to provide the applicant ID verification themselves, or even complete the entire process with the applicant contractor.

This process offers:

  • Simple applicant registration
  • Opportunity to submit ID verification confirmation either with or on behalf of applicant
  • Contractor company log in to oversee applicant DBS check progress

Here’s a brief overview of the process:

Step 1: Getting started: We’ll provide you with log in details and a URL for your online application form to start the DBS check.

Screenshot 2018-03-13 10.48.25

Step 2: Complete Application: The applicant’s personal details, i.e. name, date of birth and address details for the last 5 years,
 are entered on the online application form.

Screenshot 2018-03-13 10.49.30

Step 3: Contractor firm verifies the applicant’s ID for the DBS check by inputting the appropriate details, e.g. Passport and Driving Licence numbers.

Screenshot 2018-05-22 16.09.02

If you’d like to take advantage of this new process, or simply find out more, then please complete the simple form below and we’ll make contact…

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