Flexible Vehicle Leasing from WeFlex

WeFlex specialises in providing vehicles to self-employed courier drivers.

Advantages of leasing from WeFlex include:

  • Special Hermes partner prices
  • Wide range of vehicles for all lifestyles & budgets
  • Low deposit payment (from just £500)
  • Ultra-flexible contracts – terminate with just four weeks’ notice (termination fees apply)
  • You can own the vehicle at the end of your contract by paying an optional balloon payment, or return the vehicle with no extra charges
  • Get a new, or nearly new, car/van that’s covered by a warranty plus more fuel efficient than an older vehicle

If you’re looking for something even more flexible then WeFlex also offers vehicles to rent, with minimum rental terms from just 4 weeks, and refundable deposits of just £500.

How to get this benefit

CLICK HERE to join and start enjoying these benefits straightaway!  If you are already a member, make sure you LOG IN to be able to get all the benefits.